General info:
Basic shot info:
Focal Length10.7 mm; equivalent: 52 mm
Aperture ValueF3.4
FlashFlash fired, auto mode
Metering ModeAverage
Shutter Speed Value1/32 sec
Advanced shot info:
Exposure Bias Value0
Exposure Time1/45 sec
Exposure ModeAuto
Max Aperture ValueF3
Exif-related info:
Exif Version2.20
Exif Image Width1440 pixels
Exif Image Height2160 pixels
Color SpacesRGB
CompressionJPEG compression
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Comment: Beautiful stained glass work
Picture_0314a * Lamar shouldn't have seen that! He was NO MORE GOOD! * 1440 x 2160 * (438KB)

Picture_0315 * The warm shallow waters of the Bahamas Banks are ideal for the Conch. Here  they can graze on the acres of gently waving sea grass. However, the Conch was soon discovered to be a rich source of protein and has been providing food for the natives of these islands since the earliest Lucayans found their way to the islands. * 1440 x 2160 * (612KB)

Picture_0316 * TOURIST ATTRACTION: Christ Church Cathedral * 1440 x 2160 * (571KB)

Picture_0317 * The presence of the Anglican Church can be traced from the very beginning of Bahamian History. The Eleutherian Adventurers after 1647 made the first settlement of the English after these islands had been more or less abandoned by the Spanish. It is said that the Eleutherian Adventurers included two Anglican priests who had left the church. * 2160 x 1440 * (494KB)

Picture_0317a * In 1670 the Bahamas was granted to the Lord Proprietors of Carolina by the English Crown. Among the requirements of this Grant was the establishment of churches in the islands. Christ Church Cathedral dates from 1670. * 2160 x 1440 * (545KB)

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Picture_0318 * An Orberlinger Organ in Christ Church * 1440 x 2160 * (460KB)

Picture_0319 * 2160 x 1440 * (636KB)

Picture_0322 *

Picture_0323 * 2160 x 1440 * (633KB)

Picture_0324 * Angie on a jet ski!  Check out how crystal CLEAR that water is! * 2160 x 1440 * (356KB)

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